Paroli Betting System

Paroli betting system has a positive betting progression and this is very similar to the well known Parlay betting system. Perhaps you are familiar with Martingale system, then understanding Paroli betting system will be lot more easier for you since this betting system is just the opposite of Martingale.

Any sized bankroll is accepted in Paroli betting system since this system uses positive progression. At the beginning of the system you have to fulfill the minimum wage requirement which is considered as initial wager. After winning a hand in blackjack, all of the profit that you have just owned can be consider as a bet for the next hand. Actually there are not much different between Parlay and Paroli betting system. The only difference is that - Paroli betting system allows you to use 100% of the profit that you have owned. Guess a simple example will clear the rest to you. Suppose your initial bet was $1 and you have owned the first hand already so, your wager would be $1x2=$2. As the bet of the following hand will be $2 as well, you will win $4. That means, your winning become double at each progressive bet. In case you have lost your initial $1 bet, your next bet must be equal to your initial bet and that is $1.

If you are new to online casino gambling, you need to seek for a casino that offers betting system such as Paroli because this is one of the safest ways to make wager in blackjack games. The Paroli betting system is like a ladder where players are allowed to win more with every successive win. If you are a gambler you should already know that - winning multiple hands in a row on any blackjack are quite rare. So, the success in gambling lays within the knowledge to know where to quite.