Playtech Roulette Games

If you enjoy roulette but are looking to get a little more out of your game, Playtech's Premium Roulette line is for you. These roulette games turn everything about the experience up a notch for game play that is more engaging, personalized and realistic.

Game Options

Playtech's premium roulette games include French roulette, European roulette and American roulette. They include all the same features you'll find in the classic online roulette games with a few new additions. Premium French and European games allow you to play alone, in multi-player mode or in a private room with your friends. These options allow you to make the game much more social. A chat box is available so you can interact with others in the room as you play.

Additional Features

When you play the roulette game in the premium class, you'll have access to some new options. If you're playing with others, you can set the "Skip Turn" button to skip over you if you need to step away. The "Double" feature lets you automatically double every bet you've placed on the table. The history feature is another handy tool that will keep track of your bets and their results for you in the toolbar. Though these features aren't included with free roulette games, they're worth paying for if you're a real roulette enthusiast.

Free online roulette games are great, but they'll soon fall flat without the features you need to keep it interesting. If Playtech's line of Premium games has you hooked, head over and explore their game options.