Novice tips for Hold'em

If you are new to Texas hold'em, you may be a bit overwhelmed by all everything that is going on during the game. Four rounds of betting, being able to bet as much as you want if you are playing no limit, all of the bluffing and hand combinations, it can all be very overwhelming at first. With that said, it is not as difficult as it first appears. As a novice, there are a number of handy tips to help you learn the game and have a good time while learning. These tips will also help to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

The first suggestion that I would have is to stop playing no-limit or pot-limit if you are playing these forms of Texas hold'em. There are enough rules, hands, and plays to understand and learn without adding the nuances of learning how to bet on top of it. Therefore, for now, I would strongly suggest sticking to limit. While the game play is different in limit, it will give you a great foundation for building your future poker playing.

Another important thing to do is start by learning how to play your hand. You may be watching poker where the pros are figuring out what the opponents are holding and playing the other players and not what they have in their hand. This is something that is necessary when you are playing with better players and are a better player yourself but it is important to be able to play the cards in your hand perfectly before you start playing as a result of what you think your opponents are holding.